Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Arzua to Salceda (Oct 9)

We had a short day, just as well. It would have been be difficult to handle the wet over a longer distance. The intermittent drizzle and rain (rain usually returned as soon as we put our poncho away) and soggy ground made progress slow. A village passing by wished us "bueno diaz"  (good day) and K muttered "glad it's good for you".

As we got near Salceda we followed a hand painted sign on the asphalt telling us that the hotel and albergue accommodation we booked for was in a direction away from the Camino route, down a side road on the other side of the main road, quite contrary to the indication on the guidebook map. We followed it for half a kilometre or more before we decided we must have been mistaken and returned to the Camino route. We had been warned that there were instances of practical jokes being played on pilgrims.

A kilometre further we came to an attractive roadside tavern and decided to have lunch there. It was a saver for the otherwise miserable day (mainly due to the weather).  The entree dish of wild mushroom with egg was unusually non-traditional and good but we did wonder where the mushroom came from having seen an abundance of them in the woods. The main courses of fish (hake) and minced pork were good too.

After lunch we asked the publican where our booked accommodation Pousada de Salceda was, he said he would ring for the transport as it was a kilometre away. The transport came and we were brought down the road we were previously heading and continued on a little further. The surprise was it was a modern resort type accommodation that not only had dormitory beds alberque style but also rooms with very modern finishing. Restored from an old stone building it was warm and dry, and very much what we meeded after the very wet day. Another Lestedo type experience!

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