Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Salceda to Vilamaior (Oct 10)

At Salceda we were just 29 km from Santiago. We booked accommodation at Vilamaior so that we will have only 9km to walk into Santiago on the next morning.

The morning was glorious by Galician standard - it was not raining. Passing the village of St Irene after a few hours walk we entered a forest that touched us with nostalgia - eucalyptus trees, with the same powerful scent of the oil but trees here were much taller and lushier.

The euphoria for the absence of rain was shortlived. The drizzle came and it became more like intermittent rain. A British type weather one might say; I was told there was a connection in more than one way between Galicia and Gaelic countries of Britain and Ireland further north, for they shared the Celtic past. Of course there are better sources on the internet regarding this bit of history.

Later as we went over a hill nearer to Vilamaior we had the distraction of the noise of aircrafts taking off for we were passing the runway of the Santiago airport. Earlier we had sent a message of bon voyage to Sue and Dave who were flying off from there. In a few days it would be our turn!

The last 5 km to Vilamaior seemed to take ages like it always did at the end of each day. There was a steep hill to climb after the penultimate village of Lavacolla. As we struggled on in the rain we thought we pondered on the reasons why so many Galicians had emigrated as the guidebook told us - must be the weather! Of course in actual fact it was a whole lot of other factors including poverty in the recent past.

When we finally arrived and shown to our room it was literary a warm feeling. The owner had very thoughtfully turned on the heater on a full blast. Before long my wet pants were dry and the wet weather forgotten - for today.

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