Saturday, September 8, 2012

Avoiding the heat - Navaretta

The weather forecast promised us a horrible few days ahead of temperatures in mid to high 30s.  It called for a new strategy - we had to start even earlier in the morning and shorten our walks to avoid being scalded.

Fortunately the English speaking doctor who saw K (and finding him is another story) was encouraging. Take pain killers and walk on, he advised.

In Logrono the day before we bought some lovely pastries for breakfast. We were up by 5.30am and on the road by 6.30, still in darkness. Logrono is a small but sprawling city and as we were staying at its northern end, we had to traverse the width of the city just to get out of town. The Camino signs were not very obvious, partly because of the dim lights and partly from competing signages. Occasionally, the locals were helpful in pointing to us the yellow arrow sign. 

Out of the city, we reached the town's reservoir in an hour and a half,  where we were thankful that there was a kiosk cafe serving food including coffee.

Beyond that stop, the countryside was largely uninterrupted vineyards, a reminder that wine is the main business of the La Rioja province. Also, we had left behind Navarra, and with that much of the Basque separatist grafitis. We reached Navarette, our destination of the day, before lunch. Navarette appeared initially as another small town on a hill but most of the town was in fact hidden, on the other side.

Walking towards Navarette.

Farmer kindly gave us pears that he specially picked for us from his tree.

Navarette - glad to be in the shade.

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