Friday, September 21, 2012

Fromista (Sep 19, Day 20)

We enjoyed a sleep in at the hostal of Itero and did not leave till well past 8 in the morning.  Our first stop was 8km away at Boadilla where once again it was a question of knowing where things were.  Luckily we ran into the Danish people whom we met the previous night and they introduced us to a cafe they just came out of, one attached to an albergue several metres from the main Camino route, one without any signage to its existence.   The guy in charge of the cafe was friendly, spoke good English and best of all the ham and eggs was supreme.It was one of those well kept secrets of Spanish villages.

The route to the next day stop Fromista was made more attractive by the shade of a line of trees and the old canal that followed it on the other side most of the way. The canal system was being restored for recreation and irrigation purposes and at the entrance to Fromista there was a series of locks that allowed navigation upstream. In fact most of the surrounding land was several metres below the canal water level.

The attraction of Fromista was a Romanesque church. Hope to post it when the internet services allow!

Romanesque church at Fromista.

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