Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero (Sep 22 day 23)

Five kilometres out of Sahagun the Camino offered two alternatives, one through a village to an old Roman road that was uneven and exposed to the elements, the other a shorter and on tree-lined "senda" (compacted sandy earth), which was easier to walk on. We took the easier route, as did most pilgrims, but someone, a villager perhaps, must have been dissatisfied with losing business from pilgrims taking the more comfortable path, had the signs defaced, diverting pilgrims to the village (and the tougher route) unless they were particularly careful in reading the maps. We stopped with a group of others and there was a lengthy pause but we eventually found our preferred way.

A cool breeze was  blowing and the line of trees on the southern side provided good shade; the day was perfect for walking. We made good time and we were were still glad to arrive at El Burgo Ranero because we were hungry (as we always were after a few hours walk). Already from the distance we had spotted a cafe bar because of the telltale red Coca Cola sign, the brand that dominated the Spanish soft drink market. Into the cafe bar we were met by the bar tender totally engrossed on the large flat screen TV - showing a live telecast of the Singapore Grand Prix. We sat down for a simple lunch, entertained by cars racing amidst the familiar Singapore skyline!

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