Saturday, September 8, 2012

On to Najera (Day 9, Sat Sep 8 )

We had established a routine for our walk to manage the current hot spell.  We were up by 5.30am, had a quick breakfast, often at a place we knew was open for business early (not many), and started walking in the dark. Less than an hour after sunrise we would reach the next village where there would be a pub or kiosk that we could have coffee and morning tea.  Then we would walk on and should finish for the day before lunch.  Either before or after lunch, we would check in at our accommodation for the night and catch a nap. By the time we had waken up at around 4 or 5pm, the shops would be reopening for the day. Sometimes we could even fit in a walk around the village or even visit a museum.  Then it will be dinner and straight to bed after that !

We left Navarette at 6.30am and were at the village of Ventosa by around 8.30 am.  There were few pilgrims around when we left Navarette, but at Ventosa and soon after many caught up, including our three American friends whom we kept meeting, a chatty Englishman from Lancashire and some Aussies as well.

It was one vineyard after another all the way to Najera, a large town with some industries on the outskirts. Our accommodation is just next to the famous monastery, which we visited when it opened at 4pm.

We had still not adjusted well to the local eating culture. We tend to have pinchos (tapas) for lunch, and then found we were hungry again by 5 or 6pm when the restaurants were still not open; most would not be open till well after 7pm, some ven 9pm.. We should follow the advice we previously received, which was to have a large meal at lunch time, and pinchos, available all the time, in the evening.

More photos uploaded.

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