Thursday, September 13, 2012

Villafranca (Sep 11 and 12)

Today's experience was a good lesson about planning and the necessity to stick to it. Leaving Redecilla we had 25 km ahead of us before hitting higher grounds where there were several hills to cross. Not being young seasoned walkers we planned to break that up into two days with a stop at the interesting town of Belorado being most logical .

However as we started very early and we arrived at Belorado around 10am.  After a coffee break at the entrance of the town, we succombed to the temptation of walking to the next village Tosantos, omly to find that the weather had become uncomrtably hot especially for K and also on arriving that the only accommodation was one that provided 30 mattresses on the floor.  A true pilgrim would not have minded, and we wouldn´t either if we had planned for it, but it was somewhat a disappointment. The next two villages were tiny as well, so at that point K chose to bus to the next big town Villafranca still 7 km away, while I walked on.  The day was hot but the scenery of gentle rolling hills of dry largely scrub land was beautiful.

View from our accommodation at Villafranca.

It was not a satisfactory situation especially when K was also nursing a couple of blisters, so we decided to take a rest day at Villafranca, especially when the hotel albergue we were at was very comfortable. We were glad that they had a room at the albergue for us for two nights.

We used the free day to bus back to Belorado, the interesting town that we shot past the day before; the bus ride took a grand total of just 15minutes.  K took the opportunity to visit the local medical centre and was relieved that the nurse there was satisfied with the condition of the blisters..

Most interestingly, the owner of the hotel was a retired doctor and he had taken it upon himself to take care of passing pilgrims in strife, having done the Camino himself! In fact he insisted of looking at K´s blisters and pronounced it quite satisfactory from his medical viewpoint.

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