Monday, September 24, 2012

Leon (Sep 24, Day 25)

A cold and windy morning in Leon and our clean and unused warm clothings were out for the first time for weeks.

Leon was a pretty city in the bright crispy morning with its wide streets and pavements. We spent some time at the main Cathedral, a massive gothic structure that invites comparison with one in Charters in France and of course the rival city Burgos.  We could see why some purists think that Leon's was more of a place of worship while Bugos' was more a museum.

We walked several blocks to the Paradors hotel made famous by the comment of Jack of Ireland in the movie "The Way", that no self respecting pilgrim would stay in it. We didn't but we did have a capuccino each and shared a serving of ice cream. A lovely hotel created out of an old monastery that could inspire the comment: why was a monastery so grand?

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