Sunday, September 23, 2012

Burgo Raneros to Mansila de las Mulas then Leon (Sep 23, Day 24)

We left Burgo Raneros in the morning under an heavily overcast sky and gusty winds. After our complaints over the past weeks about tbe heat we could only be thankful about the change in the weather; indeed the cool air and good walking surface allowed us to make good progress. We were still at the meseta but the landscape we were passing through had changed, with more trees and undulating fields.

Rain at last.

There also seemed to be better facilities with rest areas every few kilometres complete with large skips for the rubbish not seen in provinces earlier. These may in the long term reduce the littering problem that spoils the route so much. There was still no public toilets around even in villages (we were totally dependent on pubs) and bushes out in the open fields invariably show evidence of previous visits!

Soon the wind became gustier and horizontal rain started to come down but luckily we were only a few hundred metres from our first rest stop of the day, having done more than 13 km.

After our rest we did another 6 km to Mansila. Our reputable English guide by John Brierley suggested that we should take a bus from Mansila to the major city of Leon without losing too much. As K said, we did not have to be told twice to skip a small uninteresting section (given the distance we had to cover in total). We headed for the autobus station only to find that being Sunday the next bus for Leon won't be due for another 5 hours.

We could stay at the cafeteria and watch the Singapore GP (yes, it was on live at the cafe too) but we were tired and a decision was quickly made to get into Leon by taxi. Twenty euros for the last 18km was a bargain.

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