Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rabe to Hontanas (the place to avoid?) (Sep 17, Day 18)

From outside Burgos we should be going onto the meseta, the flat plateau that stretches to beyond Leon over a distance of more than 200km. But there were a few low hills to go over on leaving Rabe, practically treeless hills with stony paths. There was a small village stop and an even smaller albergue stop (San Bol, where there was nothing else apart from the one building and a row of trees, for those desparately enough to need one).  Eventually we found our way to Hontanas. The village roused our curiosity because an Aussie couple we met earlier on told us that it should be avoided. Interestingly while most old villages seeme to sit on a hill, Hontanas sat in a valley depression. It entirely depended on pilgrim business to survive.

Come to think of it, the same point 3 can be said about many small villages we passed through. Many had houses in ruins because until recently they were abandoned and were enjoying a revival from the pilgrimage industry.

Nonetheless, the albergue we stayed in was well run and provided the most value for money room and dinner that we had come across so far. Over dinner, we were also thoughtfully placed with another English speaking couple, a brother and sister from Ireland.

Hontanas, to be recommended we think !

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  1. There you are - a comment.

    You will have been wondering why you were getting none but now you've worked it out I thought you should have one from me.

    You're making steady progress and overcoming all the trials and tribulations, so I'm starting to ramp up on my own walking, and keeping track of it.

    Today I walked 8 km - Beecroft and back for a haircut, then Epping and back for a pedicure. I'm becoming a high maintenance retiree on Pat's recommendation. I won't issue any challenges like "Beat that!" because you do - every day.

    The pedicure was the first I have ever had. A wonderful thing. If you see a place that does them along the way give yourself an hour and have one. The feet I have this morning seem to be very much better than the ones I started walking to Beecroft with this morning.

    If you don't see a place for a pedicure suggest it to the locals as a way to make a Euro.

    Your house gets a check from Audrey twice a week. Q - "Who lives in this house?" A - "Kin Mun." Q - And?" A - "Kay." She will get a surprise when you get back and one morning there you'll be.