Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ciruena to Redecilla (Sep 10) Day 11

We left at daybreak again, and soon after the next small hill we could see the next town, Santo Domingo, famous for its cathedral with two chickens!  The legend is too long to be repeated here but it was interesting to see that it is kept alive with two live roosters in a special glassed in cage within the church. Apart from that, the story of Santo Domingo, as someone from way back who helped pilgrims by building a bridge to save some walking, and whose remains are in the church, made the place an attraction.

The cloudy sky was an early relief but the clouds soon gave way to more heat as we walked through bare hills and crossed the border into Castillo y Leon. We had enough when we arrived at the first village into the new region, Redecilla, and stayed at a new place, another Casa Rurale, a place so new that it was not even in the guidebooks. It should do well as it served meals at seemingly all hours.  We were given an attic room, this one had a sky light was gave us a direct view of the church bell tower, a pretty aspect except that the church chose to keep the hourly bell chimes right through the day and NIGHT!

Country near Redecilla.

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